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One framework that Sunrise uses to guide our work with other organizations is Extractivism, Never; Charity, Rarely; Solidarity Forever. We share it in the hopes of supporting you in balancing showing up in solidarity with staying focused on Sunrise priorities.

Asking for (or taking) support from another group in such a way that the other group receives no benefit or is even is weakened in the process.


  • Recruiting active members of other organizations to leave their group and join Sunrise instead
  • Asking for Indigenous peoples, people of color, or working class people from outside Sunrise to share their personal stories publicly at Sunrise events and never forming a connection, supporting their organizing, or following up afterwards

Giving your time or Sunrise’s time out of a sense of guilt, and doing so in a way that does not contribute to building people or political power.


  • Skipping a Sunrise meeting to volunteer at a community farm
  • Giving a presentation to a group that doesn’t share Sunrise’s values or vision for a just and equitable world because you feel obligated to do so

Working together in a way that leaves every group stronger at the end than at the beginning; showing up to support sister movements working on other issues of justice.


  • Hosting an event or action with another organization that advances your respective goals and demonstrates shared values and common ground
  • Attending a rally for immigrant, racial, or climate justice during a key moment in their campaign
  • Working together to elect candidates who support a Green New Deal and other priorities that build a just and equitable world